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Dental Edge


Dental Edge?

Dental Edge has integrated modules in the areas of human resources (HR), staff rotas, payroll, compliance and also handles payments to associates and hygienists. Integrated with a fully functional accounting module, Dental Edge produces key financial information such as monthly profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cash flows that ensures you comply with any reporting requirements from your bankers.

There are many benefits to using Dental Edge. Some are visible straight out of the box. However the more Dental Edge is used the greater the benefit to the dental practice.

From our cutting edge scheduling system to the Associate statements, our practices find that Dental Edge is an indispensable tool for running their practices efficiently and effectively while reaping benefits in the key areas of Saving Money, Time and Having Piece of Mind.
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Cost Savings

Delivers savings in the cost of temporary staff, back-office and administration costs.


The complete compliance framework in Dental Edge ensures that the practice is compliant with CQC and other regulatory requirements.

Save Time

Frees up time to concentrate on clinical matters. No longer have to set aside precious clinical hours to attend to back-office, administration and compliance duties.